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Nutripeutics provides in-depth analysis and industry expertise for investors and entrepreneurs alike. With our consulting services, we can offer technology development, commercialization strategies, product positioning, business model analysis, obtain industry specific network contacts, and gain access to vital capital. Our team is committed to pursuing advancements in the scientific and agricultural industries to not only better humanity but also to help create profitable businesses that investors can be confident investing in and entrepreneurs can ensure success with.

The Founder

Amanda Curtis Burkardt 

Founder & CEO

Amanda earned both her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science and her Masters in Animal Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University. She has over seven years of laboratory experience domestically and internationally in various scientific fields. Amanda also has a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and a Masters of Management Information Technology from the University of Oklahoma.  Amanda worked with OU's Office of Technology Development assisting with due diligence, analysis and decision support for the evaluation of intellectual property created at OU. She was involved with investigating and analyzing market opportunities and recommend licensing models for the commercialization of OU technologies. In addition, she participated in and contributed to the process of evaluating technologies for start-up opportunities as well as other matters pertaining to the creation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property.  Amanda is currently working with a large network of angel investors in the Midwest, scouting for innovations and disruptors in the life science, animal health, and agriculture industries. Through her immense and multi-national networks, she conducts investigations and discoveries, putting together large due diligence reports for investors to examine entrepreneurial value and product opportunity. She oversees the consulting wing of Nutripeutics and is currently working with clients domestically and internationally. She truly has a passion for innovations in science and technology, and desires to create, discover, and fund products that will leave an impact on the world for generations to come.

Learn more and keep up with our founder on LinkedIn.

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