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Do you need help navigating the ins and outs of your industry? Are you lost sorting through the business, technology, or commercialization strategy of your company? Whether it's animal health, human health, or a project that needs a pair of expert hands; we're here to help.

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Our Clients and Services

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We offer a wide array of consulting services to advise start-ups, investor groups, universities, government entities, and large corporations on solutions to their most challenging business, investment, technology transfer, and research needs.

Our clients range from leading multi-billion dollar animal health corporations, to world-renown Universities. We work with a variety of venture capital and angel investing groups all over the world conducting extensive due diligence reports as well as deal flow and startup recruitment. Because of the confidential nature of our work, below is a summation of the services and projects we have conducted.

Business Model Analysis

Start-up Support and Mentoring

Pitch Deck Creation and Coaching
Commercialization Strategies 

Tradeshows Accompany and Advice

Workshop & Curriculum Creation
Monetization Roadmaps
Go-to-Market Strategy 

Product Positioning

Capital Raising

Investor Relations

Technology Transfer Advice
Academic Tech Packaging
Global Network Accessibility

Marketing Reports and Analysis

M&A and Divestitures 

Due Diligence Reports
Deal flow and Pipeline Recruitment

Incubator and Accelerator Creation

Operations & Project Management

Evidence-Based Decision Support
Investment Conferences Advisor

Past Projects and Case Studies

Image by Austin Distel


  • Reenergized a stalled $8M health incubator initiative and positioned for strategic partnerships with large animal health companies by identifying clear mission statement, developing business and opportunity models, introducing operational rigor and accountability, crafting marketing collateral, creating a more strategic capital raising process, and restructuring management team.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


  • Created business plan, commercialization strategy, and marketing collateral to introduce patented technology organic alternatives to  animal antibiotics therapeutic to market. Raised funding and grants and received letters of interest from top poultry producers and animal health companies.

Image by Christina @


  • Secured $23M in funding commitments and developed pitch and business/marketing plans to assist a major animal health company in acquiring divested assets from a competitor to launch a new brand. Achieved standing as one of 2 finalists from initial pool of 15.

Image by Scott Graham


  • Led due diligence for multimillion-dollar acquisition target on behalf of a large animal healthcare company, including valuation, business case creation, licensing agreements, and integration strategy.

Image by Leon

Feasibility Analysis.

  • Validated commercial viability and led due diligence for life sciences technologies developed by 2 top medical colleges.

Image by Product School


  • Drove more than a 3x increase in angel investor’s portfolio by enhancing due diligence process, leading market analysis, and sourcing competitive data to improve quality and quantity of pipeline and creating processes and efficiencies to expedite vetting of targets.

Image by Charles Forerunner


  • Propelled investment client’s deal flow to 500+ startups for consideration by curating a resource directory to source new innovations.

Image by


  • Crafted go-to-market strategy for new service line and revenue stream for a life sciences consulting firm to capture share in an $100 M market. Developed  pricing, service modeling, retention, and marketing strategy.

Image by Riccardo Annandale


  • . Partnered with animal health investment forums to educate startups and founding scientists on effective strategies for pitching to investors to acquire funding.

Image by Pedro Lastra


  • Researched and wrote report reviewing the animal health diagnostic market that become one of the top-selling reports in client’s publication’s history.

Image by Stephen Dawson


  • Co-researched and authored report identifying top-20 emerging companies in the animal health space and developed a rank-ordered list of the top 100 companies in the industry. Report is recognized as an industry-wide resource and used by investors to benchmark market and drive investment decisions.

Image by UX Indonesia


  • Developed report assessing industry’s response to COVID-19 that is currently being used by business leaders to drive business planning initiatives.

Image by NeONBRAND


  • Created proprietary workshops, courses, and content to train veterinary students at top veterinary medical program in the European Union to access technologies and accelerate academic spin-off companies

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