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Our Original Thesis

Nutripeutics was originally formed in 2016 as a commercialization entity for a University technology addressing the need for alternatives to antibiotics. Our target animal model was initially poultry, due to their high growth efficiency and popularity as a food item.  Our team was highly successful in raising non-dilutive capital, market awareness, potential licensees, as well as letters of interest from investors and sponsored research. 

The Producer's Problem

"Due to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the FDA has mandated that by December 2016, all medically important antibiotics be removed from the feed of livestock animals, leaving agribusiness scrambling for a solution to this $18 billion problem. Antibiotics are rapidly losing their effectiveness and are increasing the occurrence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in livestock settings as well as in human medicine. Nutripeutics offers compounds that are natural alternatives that livestock producers can use in place of antibiotics, which are effective, both in terms of the product’s ability to combat pathogenic infections and in cost."

Our New Business Model

After starting a business from scratch, we discovered first-hand how the commercialization process of technology and research was cumbersome, unfiltered, and labor intensive. Scientists need a way to effectively communicate their research to gain capital, and investors need clarity and simplicity to understand their investment opportunities. During our product development process, we breached and overcame these hurdles, becoming the experts at commercialization, while working diligently with multiple technology transfer entities. Our skills are transferable to many business entities, not just agricultural. We have grown our connections meticulously and intentionally, to form a wide-cast network of experts spanning the Midwest with industry knowledge and academia intellect in animal health, human health, and agricultural sciences. We can now guide and direct start-up, small, and medium sized businesses through the treacherous pitfalls of everyday business hurdles with our consulting services. 

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